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An Open Letter to Entrepreneurs and

Success-Oriented People Who Want

More Time in Their Day

Discover 63 Time-Proven Strategies to Get More Done
Faster, Easier and with Far Less Human Effort
Dear Friend,
I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to the point.
In fact, that’s why I’m writing.
If you’re like most entrepreneurs, there are days when you’d give your right arm just to have a few extra hours in your day.
I know how you feel, because I used to be in the same boat. Early in my career, I worked the crazy hours that all the experts tell you to invest – 50, 60, even 70 hours a week.
When my son, Gabriel, was born though, things changed. My wife, Aimee, and I agreed: If I was going to be away from my family . it had better be worth it.
You can relate, right?
Well, let me tell you – it wasn’t. The months when I sunk an extra 20 hours a week into the business . I didn’t always see a corresponding increase in my revenue.
That was a huge red flag. I knew there had to be inefficiency in how I was spending my time.
Introducing Productivity Secrets™

In this powerful course, you’ll receive instant access to 21 video lessons that tackle the biggest sources of lost productivity that most entrepreneurs face.
To help you be more productive even when learning . each lesson is short and to the point. (The longest is 7 minutes and 28 seconds long. Most take 5 minutes or less to watch.)
Each video contains 3 powerful tips or strategies that you can put to work immediately for an almost instant boost in your productivity. Implement these tips and you’ll .
. Build Habits to Improve Your Personal Daily Habits
Tame Your E-mail. E-mail inboxes can grow out of control faster than weeds can overtake a garden. These tips can save you literally hours a day . and practically guarantee that you’ll never lose an important message again.
Manage Daily Tasks More Efficiently. Don’t you hate the days when 5 p.m. hits and you feel like your whole day has been wasted by emergencies and interruptions? Learn how to guarantee that your most critical tasks get tackled- no matter what.
Minimize Daily Interruptions. Disruptions are a natural part of life. But it’s your choice whether keep them under control . or let them overrun your life. Discover how to broadcast “Do Not Disturb” to the world – and get others to respect your wishes.
. Expand Your Marketing Effectiveness
Marketing Plans. Marketing plans are essential to running a successful business, but can gobble up hours if you let them. Discover 5 powerful questions that allow you to knock out an effective plan in 10 minutes flat.
Prospecting for New Leads. Prospecting is one of the most time-intensive marketing activities you have – and one of the most dangerous if you do it incorrectly. These 3 strategies effortlessly weed out the tire kickers . saving precious time and even helping you close more sales.
Networking. The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships . and nothing builds good relationships faster than networking. Discover 3 questions to ask to improve your networking ability . and the golden rule that will increase the abundance that naturally flows your way.
Business Cards. Transform your business card into a marketing workhorse with these 3 tips. In Video Lesson #6, you’ll discover what I do to get 3 email opt-ins for every business card I hand out.
Getting Testimonials. Hands down the best way to overcome prospects’ skepticism about your products and services, testimonials can be time-consuming to capture. Stop wasting your valuable time begging clients to spend a few minutes writing a glowing recommendation. Put these tips to work, and clients will literally be lining up to share their rave reviews . without you spending a single extra minute.
Writing Sales Copy. Copywriting can be sheer torture and take hours. But I’ve discovered 3 strategies that effortlessly dissolve writers block . and make the process of writing sales messages as natural as breathing.
Creating Case Studies. Want to do one better than a testimonial? Start incorporating powerful case studies into your marketing materials. I’ll share my 3-part formula for crafting these sales gems . and reveal an ingenious method to persuade clients to submit success stories by the dozens.
Website Conversion. Many entrepreneurs are completely baffled about how to make their web sites work better. But you’ll know exactly where to start . and how to analyze the experience from your visitors’ point of view once you watch Video Lesson #19. Tip: I even have a bonus gift waiting for you to make analyzing web site statistics an absolute breeze – a $197 value!
Public Interviews. Being interviewed on teleseminars, radio or television can score you tons of valuable free publicity. But here’s what most people don’t know: You should provide sample questions for the interviewer to ask you. Discover 7 questions that position you for success . and that can be used with any audience.
Book Promotion. Books are an excellent way to promote your business. But traditional book marketing activities can gobble up hundreds of hours. Discover 3 strategies that sell more books, help you reach more prospects, and even create more spin-off products.
. Streamline Operations
Spotting Great Talent. Want to boost your company’s productivity by 200 to 500 percent? Make sure you’re hiring great talent. I share the 3-step process I use to weed out candidates . and reveal exactly what happens during interviews to guarantee I hire the best of the best.
Executive Assistant. Want to make your investment in an executive assistant pay off in spades? Incorporate these 3 tips into your weekly activity . and productivity will soar.
Weekly Goals. The single best way to achieve more of your annual goals is to break them down into weekly chunks. Discover 3 tips to practically guarantee you reach every weekly goal . including a way to constantly improve efficiency.
Business Meetings. Ask any professional what the #1 time-waster is, and they’ll all agree: Business meetings. These 3 strategies keep meetings flowing smoothly and ensure that they produce measurable results. I’ll even tell you the hands-down best time to hold meetings to ensure not a single precious second is lost.


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